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REBUILDING Since certification from Pulsifer ABC in 1978, we have rebuilt many old pianos including this beautiful Ivers and Pond Princess Grand. Along with the basics of tuning and regulating, we are highly skilled in every other part of the process as well; refinishing, trouble-shooting, stringing, replacing hammers, building bridges, repairing sound boards and voicing.
 We completely restored this 1887 Emerson upright piano with new strings, hammers, and rebuilt action. This rare and beautiful antique piano, expertly refinished and with its original 85 ivory keys is, as well, a competent musical instrument with a good rich tone and carefully regulated action.

The Ivers And Pond Princess Grand
1887 Emerson Upright

Need your piano tuned? When I got started, some years ago, I tuned pianos at a dinner theatre in Boston called The Chateau DeVille. The artists who performed there were, just to name a few):  Humperdink, Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Junior, Victor Borge, Helen Reddy, Liza Minelli, Commodors, Cool And  The Gang, and The Four Seasons.

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